Parents'/Students' Home Tuition Frequently Asked Questions

Genius Mind offers many easy & flexible ways for you to get the perfect home tutor! You may:

  1. Call us straight at +65 8641 3147
  2. WhatsApp us at +65 8641 3147
  3. Fill in our Tutor Request Form here

Each of the 3 ways ensures that we fully understand your requirement in the shortest amount of time.

At Genius Mind, we strive to match a tutor to not only teach the student well, but also to build good rapport and meaningful relationships with the student and even with the whole family!

Whether it is calling us straight at +65 8641 3147, WhatsApp-ing us at +65 8641 3147, or filling up our Tutor Request Form, you can expect us to guide you step-by-step from start to end!

After requesting for a tutor using any of the above 3 ways, within 24 hours, we will update you with a few sets of really suitable and detailed tutor profile via WhatsApp! From there, you can choose the tutor that you prefer.

In the midst of choosing your preferred tutor, you may request for more information of the recommended tutors by communicating with our coordinators. If it makes you feel more assured, you may even request to speak with the tutor privately via a direct phone call.

Once you are comfortable with engaging one of the recommended tutors, we can help you set a start date immediately!

At Genius Mind, we strive to make our parents or students feel comfortable engaging the tutors whom we recommend!

Generally, there are 3 types of home tutors. They are:

 Part-Time Tutors
As the name suggests, they conduct home tuition as a part-time job. They can be working full-time as a store manager, data analyst, or even a salesperson! However, because they love teaching and can teach really well, they choose to teach as a home tutor outside of their usual working hours!

Full-Time Tutors
These are the tutors whose main occupation is to conduct home tuition and impart valuable knowledge to student, which explains the phrase “full-time”! Giving home tuition is their bread and butter, so sometimes we call them “professional home tutors”!

Ex-/Current School Teachers
These tutors have the experience teaching in MOE/IGCSE/IB schools, therefore they know the syllabus really well!

At Genius Mind, we want our tutors to not only impart knowledge and help the student improve their grades, but also want the students & parents to feel at ease when the tutors are teaching at their home! Even better, we want the students & parents to feel like their tutors are part of their family!

Therefore, we manually interview our tutors and not let any computer algorithm do the job! By doing so, we are able to detect any favourable human attributes – such as sincerity, responsibility, and positive attitude – and recommend only those tutors that possess these attributes to the students & parents who come to us!

Yes, we are providing a service, so we must go out of the way to help the students & parents achieve their academic goals and feel good about our service and tutors!

When we recommend a few really suitable tutors to you, you might see that for the same subject and level, different tutors charge different hourly rates.

This happens because usually Genius Mind does not set those hourly rates. Most of the time, the hourly rates that you see are ones that each individual tutor charges based on their qualifications, experience, the distance they have to travel to the student’s place, their level of teaching confidence, and many more.

One thing that Genius Mind can do for you is to ensure that the tutors’ asking hourly rates are in line with the current market rates. When the time comes, our experienced coordinators may even help you negotiate for hourly rates that both parties are comfortable and happy with!

You can view the latest market hourly rates over here.

If you are one who shops around different home tuition agencies, you may see different hourly rate ranges for the subjects & levels that you require the tutor for.

There are many reasons for the differences.

Some agencies may have not updated their website for many years, thus the hourly rates shown on the website may be outdated.

Some agencies may quote a much lower hourly rate range so they could attract parents or students to make the first contact with them. Most of the time in such cases, parents or students eventually may find themselves paying for a higher hourly rate than promised because there just aren’t many great tutors who can accept the low hourly rates. 

At Genius Mind, we show only the most updated market hourly rates (for min. 1.5-hour classes) offered by the tutors available out there. We wish to be transparent with potential clients like you because we want to manage your budget expectations well from the very start, instead of having you to realise that you need to pay for more than what is initially promised. 

To Genius Mind, education is a serious matter. As much as we do not want you to scrimp on education, we do not want you to overspend on it at the same time.

You can view the latest market hourly rates over here.

Before we explain further, you have to know that you do not need to pay any additional fee for our matching service! Our matching service is free for students & parents!

Also, you do not need to make any advance payment! The bottom line is: based on the mutually agreed hourly rate, you pay only for the lessons that have been delivered.

Let’s say our selected tutor charges an hourly rate of $50/hour for a 2-hour lesson. Before this 2-hour lesson, there is no need to pay the $100 tuition fee at all. Any payment would be made after that 2-hour lesson has been delivered by that tutor.

Our agency fee is charged to our tutors. To facilitate the collection of agency fees from our tutors, we require your cooperation to make payment for the first few lessons (usually 50% of the first 4 weeks) directly to Genius Mind. Thereafter, you will make payment to the tutor directly for the remaining lessons. No worries, the payment details will be communicated to you clearly when you confirm to engage a tutor with us!

Again, you do not pay anything extra at all!

You may request to make payment to the tutors by cash or cheque, via bank transfer, PayNow, or PayLah! This is provided that the confirmed tutors are agreeable too! Usually, our tutors have no problem with any of the options mentioned above. 

Our agency fee is charged to our tutors, so to facilitate the collection of agency fees from our tutors, we require your cooperation to make payment for the first few lessons (usually 50% of the first 4 weeks) directly to Genius Mind. Thereafter, you will make payment to the tutors directly for the remaining lessons. No worries, the payment details and method will be communicated to you clearly when you confirm to engage a tutor with us! We accept bank transfer, PayNow, PayLah, cash, or even cheque!

You can terminate the tuition any time after the first lesson if you think that the tutor is not suitable for you. However, you must inform Genius Mind at least 24 hours before the next lesson and must make payment for all the lessons conducted.

To terminate tuition with the confirmed tutor, please inform Genius Mind at +65 8641 3147 (Mon-Sun 9am-10pm) via WhatsApp or phone call at least 24 hours before the next lesson commences. From there, we will advise you on the next step.

Please note that once you have confirmed the tutor, there is a binding contract to complete one full lesson. You may request for a change of tutor or termination of the tuition only after completing the first lesson. Any termination before the first lesson is completely delivered will incur an administrative charge of no less than one lessons’ worth of fee.

Tutors are expected to commit at least 4 weeks’ worth of lessons before any termination of tuition. If the tutor wants to terminate the tuition without any valid reason (e.g. medical-related) before completing at least 4 weeks’ worth of lessons, he or she will not be entitled to receive any tuition fee that is yet to be paid to him or her.

We seek your understanding that we cannot force our tutors to commit for more than 4 weeks of lessons. However, we do encourage responsible behaviour in our tutors.

In the first place, when recommending tutors to you, we strive to select only the responsible ones for you! We believe that as long as the students & parents treat our tutors with basic respect, there is no reason our tutors would terminate the tuition.

Yes, you can postpone lessons.

However, any postponement of the lessons in the first 4 weeks should be made known to Genius Mind via WhatsApp or phone calls at +65 8641 3147 and to the tutor via his or her phone number at least 24 hours before the next lesson commences. This is except for special cases such as medical emergencies.

Genius Mind discourages our tutors to postpone lessons unless there is a valid reason, such as suddenly falling sick or having some sort of medical emergencies.

All in all, we encourage our tutors to inform you of any postponement of lesson at least 24 hours before the next lesson commences, and makes up for the missed lesson within the next 7 days.

At the same time, we wish you could set a healthy communication system with your tutor so both parties could understand each other’s schedule and come to a consensus regarding any postponement issue.

The answer is: it depends! 

Most of the time, if the parents or the students already have materials such as assessment books and past-year exam papers, the tutors do not need to purchase any extra tuition materials unless they think that the students need the extra materials for the learning to take place more effectively. That said, Genius Mind will always advise the tutors to purchase them only if the parents are also agreeable to it. We would not want any situation whereby a tutor purchases extra materials for the student without the parent’s acknowledgment and ends up asking the parent for reimbursement for the purchased materials out of nowhere!

Sometimes, the tutor may already have the necessary tuition materials to provide to the student and they may be free!

Most importantly, communicate this clearly to the tutor even before the start of the first lesson to prevent any misunderstanding! Genius Mind can also be the one to remind the tutors your decision regarding this issue. We are always here to assist you!